Our Lady of Loreto  
                                  124 Sackman Street 
                                                    Brooklyn, New York
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Our Lady of Loreto remains a still-living monument to a diaspora larger than many the world had known till then. It is a creation of beauty, magnetism, and rich--very rich--potential to tell its story of diversity and welcome. 

Watch a wonderful

video presentation at a scholarly conference in  NYC by Mario Toglia & Marilyn Verna  (once at that site, click on the image called “Terre Promesse: Conference”)

..more  about the powerful & uncompromising 
traveling Madonna of LoretoThe_Loreto_Story.html

already gone:

Clockwise from left, church interior: stripped 2010; Stained glass windows: sold 2010;  Rectory: demolished, 2011

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Three years ago the Diocese of Brooklyn issued the long-awaited announcement in various Brooklyn news venues that they would NOT demolish Our Lady of Loreto Church.

But the reality was that they only transferred the authority to make redevelopment plans for the church to Catholic Charities housing corporation: Progress of Peoples Development.

A year ago, Catholic Charities issued an RFP that refers to the church building as the “FORMER” Our Lady of Loreto.

It also says they did NOT exclude demolition of the church if the proposing developer does not think it “feasible” to save it.

Former Our Lady of Loreto Church: Request for ProposalsOur_Lady_of_Loreto_files/RFP%202013.pdf

An important message to ALL supporters of the Save Our Lady of Loreto campaign:


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